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Episode 78 - NAPFA South Region Symposium Recap with Steve Wykoff

Steve Wykoff joins us in answering the age-old question, "Is there really anything new to say about Roth conversions?"  As it turns out, there is.  Listen in as we uncover this revelation, along with several others as we recap the 2019 NAPFA South Region Symposium.

Episode 77 - Old School Cool with Jim Whiddon

We've covered "soft skills" in a number of episodes, but our guest Jim Whiddon has spent the last few years really digging in on the topic.  He even wrote a book on the subject.  That book is The Old School Advantage.

Listen in as we cover topics like how a junior advisor can gain the trust of a 70 year old client.  We also work on Roger's deficient conversation skills.

Jim's website, where you can order the book, is at http://theoldschooladvantage.com/

Episode 76 - T3 Conference Recap with Vince Barbera

You may not have attended T3.  You may have no interest in attending T3 personally.  But you know that a lot of the news coming out of T3 will impact you and your practice for years to come.

We talked with financial advisor Vince Barbera, a tech enthusiast and recent T3 attendee, about his time at this year's conference.

Episode 75 - Veres Technology Survey

The new technology survey from Bob Veres and Joel Bruckenstein has some jaw-dropping findings.  Can it possibly be true that only 7.8% of advisors use tax planning software?

Find out which software solutions are up, which ones are down, and which ones you've never heard of have a surprising market share.