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Episode 71 - William Playfair, The Musical: Continued

We revisit our soon-to-be-a-hit musical about the life and times of William Playfair, the inventor of the pie chart, line graph, and bar chart.

Be warned that listeners have been known to spontaneously start tap dancing, so be sure to stretch before you press Play.

If you missed it, be sure to check out Episode 52, in which we revealed the big power ballad from the same show.

Episode 70 - Zebra Book Club - Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini wrote the groundbreaking book Influence back in the 1980s.  Over 30 years later, he's back with what he's calling a pre-quel, Pre-Suasion.

Does this one deliver better than the Star Wars prequels did?  Find out in our opinionated review.

Episode 69 - Introducing HumanCapville.com (aka What Has Roger Been Up To?)

What will it take to bring financial planning to the mass market in a truly scalable way? Roger has been pondering this idea for several months now, and is beta testing his attempt at an answer.  Listen in as we discuss the origin story of this project, the current state, and where it might go from here.

Stay tuned to the end for a rant about the Lean Startup.

Human Capville:

Episode 68 - The Life of a Conference Exhibitor - Paige Uher

What's it like to be an exhibitor at a financial planning conference?  How do vendors make the most of the experience?  And what can we as advisors and attendees do to make our interactions with vendors as valuable as possible?

Paige Uher, a longtime denizen of the NAPFA exhibit hall, was kind enough to talk with us the day before Thanksgiving to share her experiences.

Paige's firm, Zeo Capital Advisors, is not a sponsor of Zebra Smash.  That said, it's only fair that we drop a link to her firm in the show notes: www.zeo.com

Episode 67 - Generating Referrals Without Asking - Stacey Brown Randall

Referrals are the most powerful and cost effective component of a successful business development strategy.  They are also probably the easiest prospective clients to convert, since they are already sold on you. But are we thinking about referrals correctly?  Are we thinking about them at all? 

We'll answer for you and say, "probably not."

But don't fret: entrepreneur-turned-referral-guru Stacey Brown Randall joins the ZebraSmash universe to share some great common-sense tips for building that referral machinery. Some key points from the conversation:

  • The importance of separating referral seeking from your prospecting plan and your marketing plan. These are all different things.
  • On the sales continuum of No/Like/Trust, referrals drop into the Trust bucket. That's what makes them so special. 
  • Introductions, warm leads and referrals are not the same thing. The first two are nice, but they aren't true referrals.
  • You have to be referrable to receive referrals. You may deserve them, but you're not owed them.
  • Stacey's 5-step plan for generating and "process-itizing" (her word, not ours) referrals. 

Want to learn even more about Stacey? Of course you do! Here's how:

Stacey's website: https://staceybrownrandall.com/

Stacey's podcast: Roadmap to Grow Your Business

Stacey's book: Generating Business Referrals Without Asking: A Simple Five Step Plan to a Referral Explosion