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Episode 81 - Live at the NAPFA 2019 Spring Conference

This show was recorded in front of a live audience at the 2019 NAPFA Spring Conference in Austin, Texas.  Joined by Dave O'brien, we talked about what it takes to get started in podcasting.  We made the case that 1) A podcast is worth doing, and 2) any dummy can do it if they just start.

We covered a lot of specifics that newcomers to podcasting might find helpful, so below is a listing of all the products and services we talked about.  Much to our disappointment, we received no promotional compensation for plugging any of these things.

Dave O'Brien's firm, Evolution Advisers

We used Fiverr.com to find a lot of our helpers at the beginning.  We recommend starting with Level 2 sellers or higher.  It's cheap enough that you could hire two people for the same work then use the one you like better.  (We hired a guy with the Fiverr handle of awwyeah to do our editing.  He was fantastic.)

Libsyn.com and Podbean are two hosting companies you can use for your podcast.

Cashflow Podcasting is a turn key solution for creating a podcast from scratch.  They're more expensive than a DIY approach, of course, but it's an option if you've got more budget than time/energy.

Ben uses this microphone (be sure to read reviews before buying. There have been compatibility issues with Windows 10)

Audacity is a free, open source recording and editing software that about 99% of podcasters use.  It's a perfect tool to use when you're just starting out.  Audacity on a laptop plus a gamer headset microphone is a great setup.

Ecamm, Zencastr, and CleanFeed are products you can use to record guests.  None of them are perfect.

The Zoom H6 is the best recorder out there.  Worth the investment.

And finally, if you don't know about NAPFA, we HIGHLY recommend learning more about them.

Episode 80 - Metasode - Spring Break Edition!

It was just Ben and Roger in the studio this time, and the subject was the podcast itself.  Yes, this is the next edition of our Metasode series, in which we get meta and talk about the ins and outs of making Zebra Smash.

Listen in for answers to burning questions such as, "are people listening?"  (yes)  and "are we still bleeding money?" (yes, but less than before)

We hope to see you in Austin for our live show at the 2019 NAPFA Spring conference.

Episode 78 - NAPFA South Region Symposium Recap with Steve Wykoff

Steve Wykoff joins us in answering the age-old question, "Is there really anything new to say about Roth conversions?"  As it turns out, there is.  Listen in as we uncover this revelation, along with several others as we recap the 2019 NAPFA South Region Symposium.