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Episode 74 - What does a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Do? - Chuck Clifton

From a planning perspective, a divorce can really upend a client's financial life.  But as financial advisors we frequently get pulled into the transactional aspects of the divorce proceedings?

In this episode we talk with Chuck Clifton, who holds the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation, about how we can best serve our clients when their marriages dissolve.

Episode 73 - Death of a Client Checklist

As a financial planner, you are likely to be one of the first people the family calls when your client dies.  Depending on the demographics of your practice, you may even scan the obituary section of the local paper, just to be sure you are fully ready when that call comes.

So what do you need to be prepared to do when helping a client or their family settle an estate?  Do you have a checklist?  We share Ben's checklist on this episode, with some commentary from Roger.

Episode 72 - Diversity in the Financial Planning Field - An Interview with Lazetta Rainey Braxton

It usually only takes one look around a conference ballroom to figure out that the majority of the financial planning industry consists of middle-aged white men. That's a problem, because the demographics of our society are changing. Shouldn't the financial advisory industry change, too?

We're joined on this episode by Lazetta Rainey Braxton, founder and CEO of Financial Fountains, to talk about diversity (and the lack thereof) in financial services. In addition to her numerous other activities, Lazetta was part of the Diversity Advisory Group of the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, which published Racial Diversity in Financial Planning: Where We Are and Where we Must Go at its first ever Diversity Summit in October, 2018. Our conversation touches on the many findings and suggestions put forward in the Center's report. 

Episode 71 - William Playfair, The Musical: Continued

We revisit our soon-to-be-a-hit musical about the life and times of William Playfair, the inventor of the pie chart, line graph, and bar chart.

Be warned that listeners have been known to spontaneously start tap dancing, so be sure to stretch before you press Play.

If you missed it, be sure to check out Episode 52, in which we revealed the big power ballad from the same show.

Episode 70 - Zebra Book Club - Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini wrote the groundbreaking book Influence back in the 1980s.  Over 30 years later, he's back with what he's calling a pre-quel, Pre-Suasion.

Does this one deliver better than the Star Wars prequels did?  Find out in our opinionated review.