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Episode 62 - REAL Life Planning - Lt. General (ret.) PK Carlton

When we talk about life planning here at Zebra Smash, we don't mess around.  LIFE planning.  Is your office prepared for a medical emergency on the premises?  What is the moral case for preparing for a medical emergency, and what options are available to us so we can be ready?

We spoke with PK Carlton about what we can and should do.  If you interact with other human beings in your business or in your life, this episode is worth listening to.

You can learn more about PK Carlton's fascinating career here. In the episode, PK mentions the Hartford Consensus and the Stop the Bleed program, both of which are important public health initiatives. He also talks about the concepts of the "Golden Hour" and the "Platinum Ten", two battlefield concepts that are directly applicable to public trauma responses. 

NOTE: We're working with PK to get some links up on this show page, so we'll know where to go to buy the materials discussed on the episode.

Episode 61 - The Metasode

If our calculations are correct, this is episode 61, which puts us one episode away from being able to claim Social Security early.  Of course, we know not to claim Social Security until episode 70, but surely you'll agree we're at an important milestone nonetheless.

The big announcement in this episode is our newly revamped www.zebrasmash.com website.  At last, we've combined all of our various websites into one.  Find episodes there along with CFP CE credit quizzes.  And maybe leave a tip in the tip jar too.

Episode 60 - From Intern to VP & Philanthropy as a Niche - Jessica Hovis Smith

We continue living vicariously through friends who make the Investment News 40 Under 40 list by interviewing Jessica Hovis Smith of Longview Financial Advisors. 

Jessica was part of the 2018 class, and in this episode she shares with us her career path of starting as an intern to now being in line to assume the presidency of her firm, the work she and the firm founder did using a business coach, and how her firm developed it's niche in helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals. 

Links to things we mention in the episode:

Episode 59 - Special Needs Planning Part 2 - Melissa Donovan [CFP CE Credit Eligible]

We originally planned to talk with Melissa Donovan for about an hour, but it became evident pretty quickly that we would need way more time than that. This episode is the second half of our conversation with her.

While we spent a good amount of time on Medicaid and special needs trusts in the first part, we cover a lot of good stuff on ABLE accounts in this episode, along with other options like pooled trusts. Melissa knows her stuff. We didn't come close to stumping her on any of our questions.

Episode 58 - Special Needs Planning Part 1 - Melissa Donovan [CFP CE Credit Eligible]

It might be a client, it might be a friend, or it might even be you. But someone you know has a special needs child, and their family is faced with some unique planning challenges as a result.

Our guest today, Melissa Donovan, an attorney at the Wiewel Law Firm in Austin Texas, takes us through the topic in amazing detail. She knows her stuff. In fact, there was so much to cover that we quickly realized that this would need to be a 2 Part series.

This episode is eligible for CFP CE credit, to receive credit, you will need to take a 10 question quiz at www.cheetahsmash.com.