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Episode 46 - Announcing the Zebra Smash Conference Adventure Game on Your Amazon Alexa Device!

Tired of using your Alexa device just to check the weather and store your grocery list? We have a solution: the brand new Zebra Smash Alexa Skill.

Our Alexa skill isn't another lame podcast app. Nope. Instead we built a turn by turn adventure game. Collect items and encounter mythical creatures as you attempt to "win" a financial planning conference.

How do you enable the skill and then play the game? Two steps:

Step 1: Say "Alexa, enable Zebra Smash"

Step 2: Say "Alexa, open Zebra Smash"

Ben learned the hard way that saying "Alexa, play Zebra Smash" gets you to a place you don't want to be, so be careful to follow the steps above to the letter.

Best of luck, and let us know what you think.


Wired - Inside the Alexa Prize

Develop an Alexa skill in 5 minutes or less

Episode 45 - Philanthropy Planning with Patrick Briaud from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors - [CFP CE Credit Eligible]

We visited with Patrick Briaud from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. His firm works with mega donors from corporate entities, foundations, and ultra high net worth families, but it was clear from the conversation that the tools and frameworks they use can apply to clients of all sizes. Have a listen as we go through the steps to build a solid philanthropy plan that reflects the clients true goals and values.

In this episode, we went through Rockefeller's excellent workbook: Your Philanthropy Roadmap.

Episode 44 - 2018 NAPFA South Region Symposium Recap

Two conference recaps in a row? Do Ben and Roger ever do any actual work in their offices? Probably not, but that's for another episode. In the meantime, they're back with all of their findings and opinions on the NAPFA South symposium, which took place on Monday, February 12, 2018.

Episode 42 - Financial Planning Unplugged (from Investments) with Holly Donaldson

Holly Donaldson, (for NAPFA members listening, you know her as Holly Thomas), built her business as a plug and play operation. Clients would go to her for financial planning, but with her help they could plug into whichever 3rd party investment manager they saw fit. Why did she go that route, and how did it work out? And what sorts of clients were drawn to her approach?