ZebraSmash turns 30 (episodes)! And for our 30th, we've got a special treat: Carolyn McClanahan of Life Plan Partners walks Ben through Whealthcareplan.com, her new software program that helps advisors put together financial caretaking plans, assess financial decision making capacity, and build long-term care plans for clients.

Ben took all three assessments as if he was a client, so listen to Carolyn explain to Ben why his life expectancy is a mere 78 years old (spoiler: it's too much sitting!) and the things he should be doing to make life easier for a potential financial caretaker.

There's a lot here, but some neat takeways included:

  • A FINRA requirement starting in 2018 will result in advisors needing to have Trusted Contact Information for clients
  • The critical role advisors play in spotting financial fraud and abuse
  • People without advanced directives spend $18,000 more at the end of life compared to those that do
  • It bears repeating: Ben's life expectancy is just 78 years old.

Check out Whealthcareplan.com for a free trial. You can also follow Carolyn on Twitter (@CarolynMcC).

Astute listeners will note Roger's absence. He was busy saving orphaned puppies from multiple burning buildings. Don't worry, he'll be back in the next episode.

Stay tuned for more details on our first ever live ZebraSmash meetup at the NAPFA Fall National Conference in Orlando next month!