Nothing - and we mean nothing - says Thanksgiving holiday like hiding out in your room with a plate full of turkey and cranberry sauce and an industry-specific book. And we we have the book for you!

In this very special episode, Roger and Ben review Philip Palaveev's G2: Building the Next Generation. Roger spouts page numbers, Ben recites chapters, we have a spirited debate over the appropriateness of always sending in firm principals to close's just just like Thanksgiving dinner, but with your favorite ZebraSmash co-hosts.

We both liked this book a lot, particularly because it spoke both to G2 professionals and to firm founders, which seems like a first to us. We highly recommend it to both groups.

Topics include:

  • Defining and recruiting G2
  • Transitioning lead advisors in client relationships - getting G2 from "second chair" to the lead role
  • G2's role in Business Development
  • Management of teams, managing "up" to founders, and management of self (e.g,, the elusive work-life balance question)
  • Buying shares (G2)/Selling Shares (Founders/existing shareholders)
  • Firm governance, which we admittedly didn't spend a lot of time covering. We'll blame the fact that Roger's jury duty ended a day to early.

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