Designated “Friend of the Show” Chad Smith of Financial Symmetry made a repeat appearance with Roger and Ben to recap the 2017 FinCon Conference (“Where Money and Media Meet”) in Dallas, TX.

Although the conference has received some love from the XY Planning Network and Michael Kitces, FinCon has remained off the beaten path for most advisors.

Based on Chad’s review, however, that seems to be short-lived. In 2014, FinCon started a track for Financial Advisors, and the conference now hosts 1,400 attendees. That’s a lot!

Chad breaks down the 3-day event that showcased creating digital content, promoting an online platform, and how to profit from these activities.

Notable highlights from the episode include:

  • Chad’s notes on a thought provoking breakout that consisted of a real-time critique of a presentation that was going to be delivered later in the conference
  • The importance of using your own voice in blog pieces and podcasts, and that successful content needs to leave a mark (but it’s still ok to borrow from what other people have done).
  • A detour into a discussion about the FIRE (Financial Independent Retire Early) movement, which sounds awesome
  • Tips on search engine optimization (SEO), including the importance of backlinks in blog posts and running an SEO audit on your website

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