Does your estate plan handle your digital assets? Unless you've had your documents drawn up by a forward-thinking attorney in the last few years, the answer is probably no.

Your online assets are more than just your mobile banking accounts. We're talking email, social media, blogs, podcasts, frequent flyer miles...It's a complicated area, and it's only getting more complicated as more and more of our lives move online. Pictures of your kids? Your Facebook profile? That Pokemon Go collection you've built over the past 2 years?

Who is supposed to clean all that up if you're dead or incapacitated? And how in the world are they supposed to do it when faced with threats about Terms of Service and privacy concerns? You need a plan.

We spoke with attorney Shirley Diefenbach, who has built up a specialty in this area. She took us through both the legal and practical considerations of preparing your digital estate.