When we talk about life planning here at Zebra Smash, we don't mess around.  LIFE planning.  Is your office prepared for a medical emergency on the premises?  What is the moral case for preparing for a medical emergency, and what options are available to us so we can be ready?

We spoke with PK Carlton about what we can and should do.  If you interact with other human beings in your business or in your life, this episode is worth listening to.

You can learn more about PK Carlton's fascinating career here. In the episode, PK mentions the Hartford Consensus and the Stop the Bleed program, both of which are important public health initiatives. He also talks about the concepts of the "Golden Hour" and the "Platinum Ten", two battlefield concepts that are directly applicable to public trauma responses. 

NOTE: We're working with PK to get some links up on this show page, so we'll know where to go to buy the materials discussed on the episode.