Referrals are the most powerful and cost effective component of a successful business development strategy.  They are also probably the easiest prospective clients to convert, since they are already sold on you. But are we thinking about referrals correctly?  Are we thinking about them at all? 

We'll answer for you and say, "probably not."

But don't fret: entrepreneur-turned-referral-guru Stacey Brown Randall joins the ZebraSmash universe to share some great common-sense tips for building that referral machinery. Some key points from the conversation:

  • The importance of separating referral seeking from your prospecting plan and your marketing plan. These are all different things.
  • On the sales continuum of No/Like/Trust, referrals drop into the Trust bucket. That's what makes them so special. 
  • Introductions, warm leads and referrals are not the same thing. The first two are nice, but they aren't true referrals.
  • You have to be referrable to receive referrals. You may deserve them, but you're not owed them.
  • Stacey's 5-step plan for generating and "process-itizing" (her word, not ours) referrals. 

Want to learn even more about Stacey? Of course you do! Here's how:

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